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Want to accept credit cards Without
Breaking The Bank ?

Experience PaymentUSA Freedom and pay ZERO FEES

Payment USA Is on a mission to make things Fair for the merchant.

For far too long merchants have had to suffer the painful process of moving from processor to processor in hopes that there is a better solution out there. Trying to save money on merchant processing has probably felt like a part time job at some point in time, right? WE said enough is enough, and created a FREE solution where merchants get to keep their hard-earned money. After all, it is your money, why should you be punished just because you want to accept credit cards at your business? Stop giving your money away, and experience Payment USA Freedom Today.

​The PaymentUSA Difference

We Care

We have worked with thousands of merchants and have heard hundreds of stories, requests, and input. We took all that knowledge back to the drawing board, and we created solutions that are geared towards the merchant. We are firm believers that the customer is always right, but what about the merchant? You need to be treated just as fairly. No matter what kind of merchant you are, we take a one on one approach to your custom needs. No one merchant is alike, so why should you be treated that way?

We Give You More Options

At PaymentUSA we understand that having options makes all the difference. We have a myriad of solutions for retail customers, international and Ecommerce merchants alike. We work with dozens of banks and can accommodate all of your specific needs, while at the same time offering you the best rates possible. We even have FREE solutions.

​We Understand Service

Our Founders have experience in the merchant world, so we take a hands-on approach with all of our merchants. We do not outsource our customer service to overseas call centers. Everything is ran from within the USA. We know your time is valuable, so we are strong proponents of zero wait times on customer service calls. We know you have a business to operate and you can’t run a business with the phone glued to your ear for an hour waiting on assistance. Payment USA on your team, makes all the difference.


Real Customer Testimonials

Samuel Hatch,

Sports Apparel Unlimited 

"I get calls all the time from sales reps asking me to switch my credit card processing service. I have been down that road a few times, and it never turned out like I thought it would. With Payment USA it was different, I started the Discount for Cash Program and couldn't be happier.  Now I'm saving more money than I expected."

Jessica Mooney,

Designs By Her ltd.

"As a small business owner every dollar counts. We have worked with three other merchant service companies, but non of them compared to the savings, service and support we got with Payment USA. I wish we would have found them sooner. We are so thrilled that we made the switch, and it was so much easier than what we thought it was going to be. I recommend Payment USA to any business looking for REAL savings, and excellent service."



​Give Us A Call

Call us at 1(833) 4 ZEROFEE and one of our qualified agents will get to know you and your business model. Once we determine what type of merchant processing solution is right for you, it’s off to the races.  After an account has been approved, you can be processing in as little as 48 hours.

​Account setup

Based on the initial call, we can determine the solution that fits your specific needs. We will give you a clear quote and a simple understanding of the process. We will then collect some basic documentation and get your account all setup. We will then get your terminal programmed with your custom business information and ship it straight to you, ready to process right out of the box. It will be one lean, mean, money saving machine.

​Plug in the Terminal

Your terminal is all ready to go. It is already programmed to your business specifications and you’re ready to process as soon as you plug it in. Payment USA will have a qualified agent to call and help you with any questions you have about your new terminal. We like to keep things simple at Payment USA, so all of our Payment Processing Terminals are extremely user friendly.