Limitless Merchant Processing Solutions  

Ecommerce + Retail + Domestic + International + High-Risk 

Free Merchant Processing

For the first time ever, payment processing is truly FREE.  A revolutionary patented process is changing the way merchants look at credit card processing.  Join the payment revolution and start saving thousands of dollars today.  Learn more


Need to accept credit cards online?  PaymentUSA has a solution for you.  With multiple Ecommerce shopping carts|gateways available, Payment USA can provide your business with the tools needed to keep up with the fast paced demands of online merchant processing.  Learn more

High Risk

Have you been told your business is in the high risk space?  PaymentUSA can easily package your business model and present it to our numerous direct bank relationships for an easy boarding process experience.  Stop getting turned down for a merchant account just because your business thinks outside the conventional box. Learn more


Does your business need to accept credit cards over the phone?  PaymentUSA has the tools you need to accept funds from your customers, even if you don’t always have the opportunity to have that physical presence.  Our solutions make processing for numerous business models, call centers and verticals possible. Learn more

Domestic Merchants

Start Accepting Payments right away by taking advantage of our domestic banking solutions.

PaymentUSA provides US businesses with most types of: internet merchant accounts, MOTO merchant accounts, retail merchant accounts and even mobile merchant accounts.

International Merchants

Enjoy tax advantages, multi-currency solutions and fast approvals with our offshore processing, international merchant services.

PaymentUSA can arrange reliable credit card processing for just about any Ecommerce merchant, and most currencies, worldwide.

High Risk Merchants

With over a decade of merchant processing experience, PaymentUSA can get difficult situations approved, even if the business was previously declined for a merchant account.

Payment processing for high risk merchants is tricky, but if it can be done, we will get it done.

Businesses We Approve

  • ALL MOTO and eCommerce

  • Sports Forecasting and Consulting

  • Telemarketing

  • Timeshare Advertising and Sales

  • Travel

  • ALL Home Based Businesses


  • Bail Bonds

  • Collection Agencies

  • Credit Repair

  • Downloadable Software

  • E-Cigs and Vapor Industry

  • Free Trial and Negative Option


  • Infomercials

  • Multilevel Marketing or MLM

  • Pawn Shops

  • Pharmaceutical and Nutra

  • Psychic and Tarot Readings

  • Seminars


PaymentUSA | Connectivity 

Integrated Technologies and Interfaces

PaymentUSA believes technology should make sense and be easy to operate.

This is why we have our own internal development team.  We specialize in the customization of numerous gateways and interfaces, thus making your processing experience a more seamless one.  Many interfaces and processing gateways have proprietary technology partners that make it difficult to integrate if you do not readily have your own development team.  This is where PaymentUSA stands out among the crowd.  By employing  full time developers to assist at a moments notice, we can significantly shorten that process of integrating processing systems and make real connections possible.

PaymentUSA believes in a seamless and simple boarding process.  This is why we have our own customized Merchant boarding tool called “SUITE” that allows Merchants and ISO’s to manage all accounts, and upload any documents required during our banks’ approval process.  This tool allows merchant(s) to communicate with PaymentUSA staff, as well as any ISO’s “agents” involved in the boarding process.  We use state of the art communication tools that utilize a minimum of 125bit SSL encrytion, keeping your data and communication secure, private, and all in one easily accessible portal.

Unmatched Customer Support

PaymentUSA strives to connect with all of our merchants, and provide swift solutions for any of their processing needs.  All of our staff are highly trained, and can assist in a multitude of merchant processing requirements at a moments notice.  We are constantly adapting our systems, policies and procedures to an ever changing payment space.  We are here when you needs us, and never outsource our customer support.

Bank Relationships

In the Merchant Processing industry, relationships are key.  PaymentUSA is consistently acquiring new banking relationships to meet the demands of our merchant’s processing needs.  Having numerous domestic and international bank relationships is what makes it possible for us to board virtually any niche, business model, or vertical in the payment processing industry.

Complete Security

PaymentUSA is a level 1 PCI-DSS certified service provider, which is the highest level granted by the Payment Card Industry for electronic payment systems.  We utilize a minimum of 125bit SSL encryption on all sites and data passed through our offsite Dedicated secure servers, thus maintaining the most optimal level of processing security possible.

Fast Approvals

When trying to acquire a merchant account for credit card processing, it can be a lengthy process when a third party underwriting arm is involved. PaymentUSA believes in a swift boarding process.  We partner directly with our banks to ensure that there is no middle man, thus allowing us to underwrite your merchant packages directly in-house and get you processing as soon as possible.