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Payment USA Is Here To Help You Save More of Your Hard Earned Money!

We Are Always Looking Out For You and Your Bottom Line.  Payment USA
Combines Ways To Help You Keep Money In Your Pocket Every Month.


At Payment USA we are all about integrity. We are 100% transparent when it comes to merchant processing pricing. We don't believe in long term contracts, or cancellation fees. We want to keep your business because we have earned it. That is How Merchant Processing should be.


Payment USA doesn't believe in false promises. Payment USA was built on honesty and fairness. We don't have monthly minimums, excess fluff fees, or hike rates ever. When your business succeeds, we succeed.  We consider our customers partners, and treat them that way. Experience the Payment USA difference, and you will be a partner for life.


We are fully dedicated to our merchant partners, and we treat every one of them with the respect they deserve. It does not matter the size of the business, we give everyone the same respect and attention. Rates are never based on volume, and everyone can expect the same amazing customer support, regardless of their company size.


The founders of Payment USA where once merchants too. That is why Payment USA dedicates so many of its resources to service and support. We don't believe in outsourcing issues to overseas support centers. We know how frustrating it can be dealing with personnel that does not understand the product, or your companies goals. That is why all of our Service and support is within the continental USA.

Payment USA Is The Right Choice For All Your Merchant Account Needs.


Payment USA is dedicated to all of your payment processing needs. We aim to simplify your life while improving your cash flow. We have over a decade of experience and a wide array of credit card processing solutions for ALL business types. Our staff is highly trained in Merchant Account placement for all niche and sales volume business.  No matter what you do, we have a solution for you. 


PaymentUSA.com understands how valuable your time is. We simplify the complexities of applying for a merchant account, and guide you efficiently through the underwriting process. This will afford you more to time to focus on other aspects of your business. Whether you need a start-up merchant solution, a recurring billing payment account, or just want to minimize or eliminate 100% of your merchant processing fees, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.  Even if you have been turned down by credit card processors before for high instance of charge-backs, we are the best in the business at finding you a merchant account.


We know that regardless of what market or industry you, as an entrepreneur, choose to tap into (traditional retail, E-commerce, or MOTO), you have the capability for long term success with Payment USA.  We can show you how we can improve your business and be instrumental in the rapid growth of your company.

​​New Standards

Payment USA is setting new standards within the merchant processing space. We feel that someone needs to raise the bar, and instill new ideals within the payment processing industry. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction, and ensure you the most savings and value possible.

​Payment USA Staff

Payment USA hires truly caring and compassionate people. At some point or another, everyone has to deal with customer service and knows the hassle of dealing with someone who doesn't care, or just doesn't enjoy their job. We care for our employees, and provide them with the necessary one on one training they need in order to give you the service you deserve.

​Payment Revolution

Payment USA wants to lead the Payment Revolution. For far too long, merchant processing has been stuck in the dark ages. We plan on bringing merchant processing into the future, by offering NEW and Innovation Solutions. Our Flagship product "Freedom" accomplishes just that, by freeing merchants to finally accept credit cards 100% Fee FREE.

We're changing the way
that credit card processing is done.

Merchants Saving Money

Rick Moyers

- Advanced Techrx LLC

"We made the switch to Payment USA and have been adding to our bottom line ever since we made the decision to migrate to their payment platform.  The transition was seamless and we are truly satisfied with their level of service and support."

Tiffany Vanson

- Fashionista LLC

"Payment USA saved us over $8,500 in Fees in 2017.  We chose the Freedom plan and got rid of all our fees.  We had no idea payment processing could be this simple.  We use their referral plan all the time to spread the word, everyone deserves these kinds of savings."

Sally Brenson,

- Zen Creations LLC

"Seriously, where do I start, the savings are amazing and the setup was so simple.  We take payments online and use a counter-top POS system to accept payments.  Both systems are with Payment USA.  You guys are our heroes.  Payment USA truly looks out for the little merchants!  5 Stars!" 

Dustin Fields,

- Kona Fabrications ltd.

"I was in the market for a new credit card processor when I came along Payment USA.  I got setup over the phone and started processing in 2 days.  It was really hassle free.  I would highly recommend these guys if you're on the fence deciding to go with any other payment processor."

Timothy Ebbins,

- 360 Auto Repair LLC

"Payment USA impressed me with their customer support.  So many companies keep you on hold for long periods of time,  but Payment USA is there when you really need them.  I wouldn't trust my payment processing anywhere else.  Seriously." 

Travis Wells,

- Recycled Geek LLC

"We run a small discount computer supply company.  We switched to Payment USA about 2 months ago.  Since that time, we have put over $500 back in our pocket.  We are truly impressed with how real the savings are."