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Ecommerce industry has shown tremendous growth over the past few years, especially post COVID-19 as more and more people are now shopping online. Everything, from grocery items, apparel, cosmetics, sports gear, accessories, toys, and footwear to medicines, is now available online. The opportunities are enormous in this sector but, at the same time, there are challenges also that you need to tackle. If you own an online store and want to keep up with your competition, an ecommerce merchant account can provide you with the much needed leap.

Today, customers prefer the online route for paying bills and shopping to offline/traditional options. By not accepting credit cards and other online payments, you are closing many opportunity windows for increase sales, revenues, and overall profits. Your ecommerce merchant account enables you to accept credit cards, debit cards, and online payments through your website. In other words, this account is a contract between a merchant and a card processor that helps you offer flexible, secure, and fast payment options.

Your ecommerce merchant account may include:

Choose payment processing solutions that integrate your online store and shopping cart in perfect alignment with your business. If you are using a specific CRM, accounting, or business management solution, you will need an e-commerce merchant account provider such as Payment USA that offers payment integration on these platforms.  This will help you eliminate a lot of manual work, avoid data-entry errors, and save your precious time that can be better invested in your core business activities.  

Ecommerce Credit Card Processing
Can Help Reduce PCI Scope as Well

The e-commerce business is highly vulnerable to fraudulent transactions and scams. This is why a lot of people still do not trust new e-commerce websites and apps for sharing their credit card details. Ecommerce credit card processing solutions can provide you with the shield required to protect your customers’ payment data and safeguard your business against potential fraud and abuse. The solutions offered by the expert processors such as Payment USA are built using the best fraud protection techniques and a PCI-DSS-certified payment gateway.

With a secure e-commerce credit card processing solution and a secure online payment gateway, merchants can set up their virtual POS systems and accept major credit/debit cards, encrypt card information throughout the process – right from the entry point (traditional or virtual POS systems) to authorization, have advanced measures of security like tokenization for reducing risks of data breaches, identity theft, and payment fraud.

Your ecommerce merchant account provider, such as Payment USA, may even host your online payments and checkout from a secure server so that your website’s PCI scope is reduced. This helps in removing the need for capturing or storing card details locally within your credit card payment environment. This, in turn, helps reduce your fraud exposure as well as your merchant liability.

You can even customize your hosted credit card payment form and brand it using your store’s logo, formatting, and colors. This further helps in ensuring that your customers have a truly wonderful, secure, and hassle-free shopping experience.

What to Look for in
Your Credit Card Processor?

Almost all businesses accept credit and debit cards these days. However, there are hundreds of payment processors which makes choosing one for small businesses and startups difficult. It is advisable that you compare your payment processing needs and the cost you are required to pay for accepting payments. Is the cost worth it? After all, services and prices are not the same across the processors. The best processors of these believe in offering transparent pricing, flexible contract terms, and minimum processing fees.

To learn more about setting up virtual POS systems and e-commerce credit card payment processing, you may connect with the experts such as those at Payment USA. 

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