Can Your Business Benefit from
Credit Card Terminals?

A lot of merchants find it difficult to sift through countless options while searching for credit card machines and terminals for their business. Choosing the right credit card payment processing terminal is important to help you reduce the processing costs and boost your profitability. Let’s quickly learn about the different credit card terminals and what type of businesses can benefit from them!

Retail Terminals

Retail shops, restaurants, and other small merchants are involved in face to face interaction with their customers. That’s why their interactions with the customers are in-person. The transactions required for such businesses are referred to as “card-present-transactions” meaning the cardholder has the credit card for physically presenting it for paying at the POS. The best credit card terminals for such transactions are the countertop POS (point of sale) model.

Countertop terminals allow merchants to accept credit cards by simply swiping at the credit card machines. You can ensure greater security by adding a PIN pad which allows you to accept debit as well. You may also add a printer to this type of a terminal for taking printouts of receipts – one copy for your customer and one for your records. While card-present-transactions are quite common and standard, you may use a countertop terminal for card-not-present transactions as well. If you accept mail, phone, fax, or internet orders, you just have to enter the information of your customer’s credit card to the terminal for processing the sale.

Wireless and Mobile Terminals:

These credit card terminals are most suited for businesses where service professionals work in the field and they must collect the payments right at the customer’s home. Wireless and mobile credit card terminals are an excellent option for the merchants that are on-the-spot and those who are tired of the tedious process of billing and waiting for payments being made & received.

Using credit card readers, small businesses as well as startups can accept mobile payments anytime, anywhere. What’s more, there is no need to buy any additional equipment. All you need to do is get the app on your mobile device and get going.  Wireless credit card terminals can also be the best option to go with if you are looking for a portable and compact solution to keep up with your sales with a more secure payment transaction processing.

These terminals can help you go far beyond the traditional POS and cash-only payments. These are highly innovative and updated ways to accept credit card payments.

Virtual (e-commerce) Terminals

Modern customers are heavily dependent on the Internet for many things including searching and shopping for the best products and services. In such a scenario, you can open up your business to more selling opportunities by accepting card-not-present-transactions – via phone, fax, etc. A physical card is not required for processing a payment at a virtual terminal. The virtual merchants and storefronts can use these terminals for accepting payments online. You can process transactions directly from your website if you have an internet connection.  With Payment USA, you can choose from various subscription based pricing options depending on your business needs.

Virtual merchants as well as others can benefit immensely from the virtual credit card terminals. Some of the greatest benefits virtual terminals bring along are discussed hereunder for your quick reference.

With Payment USA, merchants can enjoy access to the discounted and most competitive card-not-present charges & rates. Also, they can get free credit card machines and payment toolkits for processing virtual transactions. Full-featured billing and invoicing, ability to create online shopping carts, and better communication with your valuable customers are a few of the amazing reasons why you must consider having a virtual terminal in place for your business.

Benefits of virtual terminals – at a glance

Payment USA offers complete virtual terminals, credit card terminals, credit card machines, and payment solutions to help businesses simplify payment processing and boost profits. 

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