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High Risk Merchant Accounts & Credit Card Terminals

Finding the best high risk merchant account provider can be taxing, but you’d be surprised to learn how they can help you streamline your business. When you work with a reliable high risk merchant account provider and payment processor, such as Payment USA, you leverage from the extensive experience they have in the industry. You can boost your reputation while keeping your funds secure. Let’s quickly learn more about a high risk payment processor.

Risk of fraud increases as soon as your sales start to go up! For this reason, you need to make sure that your merchant account and payment processing service provider has superior security solutions in place to save you from cybercriminals. The risk is higher if you belong to the high-risk business category.

Who is a high risk merchant?

Some businesses fall in this category due to a lot of factors with the main reasons being chargeback ratios, payment processing, or returns history. Typically, businesses in travel, advanced bookings, telemarketing, adult entertainment, pharmacy, gambling, and gaming among others are considered high risk industries. High risk businesses are more prone to chargebacks compared to regular merchants. Hence, their transaction and activity patterns need in-depth analysis. Payment processors apply a rolling reserve to the high risk merchant accounts. Acquiring banks can use this reserve for offsetting chargebacks. For your knowledge, rolling reserve refers to an additional protection layer for the banks in case of unexpected activities at merchant’s end. For this reason, you must work with a high risk merchant account & payment processor that specializes in this sector.

Who is a high risk merchant payment processor?

A high risk merchant account service provider accepts liability for chargebacks and increased risks, which is calculated quite differently from other low risk merchants. Therefore, complex processes are required in it. This, typically, involves a higher need for fraud management. Hence, when looking for such a processor, you must make sure to choose one (such as Payment USA) that has a committed team for monitoring each transaction and has best in class technological support (including AI-based systems) for notifying these transactions whenever there is a suspicious activity taking place.

Not sure whether you need to apply for a high risk merchant account or not? Let’s understand!

Not sure whether you need to apply for a high risk merchant account or not? Let’s understand!

Payment USA allows merchants to set their filters – automatically and manually as they prefer, so they are always in control of what’s happening with their transactions anytime during the day, week, or month. Businesses have access to a set of reliable tools that are fully customizable to fit your unique business needs. From setting up merchant payment accounts, installing credit card terminals, and providing free credit card machines, to ensuring smooth, safe, and secure transaction processing, Payment USA offers complete payment processing solutions to merchants across the nation.

The payment processor strives to help merchants minimize fraudulent transactions while diversifying risk for keeping the account operational and healthy in the longer run. High risk merchant accounts offer businesses control and flexibility over their payments and transactions. A lot of high risk credit card processors boast of offering the lowest fees for installing credit card terminals and setting up a high risk merchant account. But lowest rates aren’t all that should motivate you. It is highly recommended that you choose a processor that meets your business needs.

Make sure your payment processor works with the same business models like that of your company/business. Payment USA caters to the high risk merchant’s account and payment processing needs. Therefore, you can rely on them for the best high risk merchant account and payment processing solutions for your business.

The need of a reliable system for chargeback prevention and a multilayered security approach is inherent when you look for a high risk merchant account provider. The processor should have long experience in the sector and should have catered to other reputed merchants as well. Transparent pricing and no hidden costs should be your next important considerations when making a decision in this regard.

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