How to Accept Credit Card Payments Safely and Securely?

As a merchant, you may find it overwhelming to figure out the best options to accept credit card payments online or offline. Ability to accept credit cards is pertinent to running ecommerce operations and selling online. If you cannot accept payments online, selling will become difficult for you. Before we discuss about how to accept credit card payments online, let’s have a quick look at what the stats have to say:

Beyond fraud, conversion, and fees, your brand’s reputation and ability to expand globally may be hampered if you choose a wrong credit card processor. Make sure you choose a processor that works and is trusted across the borders. The contracts, fine prints, and fees of the providers are enough to confuse you further. As if this wasn’t enough, there are so many other factors that need your consideration – how they work and affect your business. In fact, nothing is absolutely right or wrong, to be honest. It is just what suits your unique requirements and circumstances.

Take your own good time to compare different payment processors and processing options to help you accept credit card payments. Let us learn more about how to find the right payment processor for your business. Before proceeding further, it is important to discuss the types of credit card payment options you can choose from:

#1 Merchant accounts & payment gateways

Traditionally, merchants have been using this method of accepting credit card payments online. This is a combination of both the merchant accounts and the payment gateways through which the payment is processed securely. A merchant account lets the merchants accept card payments. An online payment gateway is required to connect your merchant account and store so that the payment can be processed. Payment gateways and merchant accounts bring along some fees as well but the good part is some processors in the likes of Payment USA have highly competitive payment transaction fees or they don’t impose setup fees. Payment gateways allow immense control over customization and security rules and fit well for established large businesses that need a more customized solution.

Setting up the merchant accounts and payment gateway may take a few days. Once your account and gateway are approved, you will need to connect your account and integrate the gateway to your store, which involves configuring your e-commerce store with API keys, tokens, and shared secrets. Payment gateways provide merchants with more personalized services and handholding along the way as the payment processing service providers usually have a strong support organization. You can expect a person to answer you on the phone. Payment gateways are great if you are looking for great control over customization and security rules but they may not be ideal for startups and small businesses.

#2 All-in-one payment solutions

These payment services combine the merchant account and payment gateway and can be set up easily and quickly. These solutions allow merchants to accept all major credit, debit, and gift cards and have an easily manageable pricing structure as well. What’s more, most providers don’t charge setup or monthly fees for basic merchant accounts. However, you may have to pay additional fees for certain features on specific services.

#3 Credit card processing

With several online credit card payment processors, such as Payment USA, setting up a merchant account and/or payment gateway has got easier and way cheaper, thanks to the reduced fees and vendors required to manage. Rates have become competitive with these solutions and some processors don’t charge you monthly for an account setup. The experience was great. The customer’s credit card details are entered and the payment is processed. That’s it!

The simplified processing options are quite easy to use, which means you can easily accept credit card payments without expert help..


By accepting credit card payments, merchants like you can streamline their cash flow and boost their sales significantly. So many people rely on credit & debit cards to shop online and offline instead of paying in cash or check. You may accept credit card payments irrespective of your business type or size. Setting up merchant accounts and accepting card payments is now easier than ever before, thanks to trusted processors such as Payment USA.  

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