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As more and more customers now prefer online payments, whether they shop online or visit the store, you might be losing countless opportunities for growth in your business if you still do not have an online merchant account in USA. To explain, a merchant account is a type of account that enables merchants to accept credit/debit card payments. There are many benefits you stand to gain through your online merchant account, some of which include:

Benefits of Online Merchant Account in USA

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Integrating payment gateway is a must if you want to receive secure online payment. If you aren’t sure what a payment gateway is, let me explain it to you. When you accept payments through credit cards at your store, the POS at your checkout counter helps you capture all payment data. Similarly, when you accept payments online, in e-commerce, it is the payment gateway that lets merchants accept online payments securely & safely.  Most payment gateways charge you a specified fee whenever a transaction takes place, which eventually adds up to the overall cost of the merchandise (as you add the payment processing charges to the cost of the products). But with a free payment gateway in USA, you can save that additional cost which can then be transferred to your customers as product discounts and bonuses.

Increase Your Customer Base Globally with International Merchant Account Payment Gateway

If you want to sell your merchandise to customers across the globe and ensure each transaction your customers make is absolutely safe and secure, then an international merchant account payment gateway is a prerequisite. With an international merchant account payment gateway, you can receive payments from your customers across the globe.

As you accept payments online through free payment gateway in USA, you get an opportunity to sell your products to a global customer base without inviting any additional charges. Hence, you generate sales 24/7 anywhere you want. But there are many risks also that come along as you sell to remote, unknown customers, such as fraudulent interception of credit card details that are sent back & forth between your payment provider and your online store. This is why you need a payment gateway – your first line of protection against potential frauds. Since card details are encrypted and each transaction absolutely secure when you accept payments through payment gateway service providers such as Payment USA, you can sell more and win more customers.

For any queries regarding free payment gateway in USA, feel free to contact Payment USA – the most sought-after name among merchants looking for international merchant account payment gateway integration in the USA.

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