Introduction to Zero Fee Credit Card Processing &
Discount for Cash Services

If you own a retail store in the USA and are looking for ways to generate more sales and greater profitability, probably you should acquaint yourself with the discount for cash services. Wondering how cash for discount can help in a world where so many people love to swipe their credit cards to pay bills? Let me explain further. In a cash discount program, merchants offer a discount to customers who use cash or check for shopping rather than credit cards, debit cards, and/or gift cards. In this, the cost of accepting credit/debit card is returned to the customer (who pays cash) in the form of discounts on bought merchandise. 

Despite the fact that credit cards are so common these days, there is a huge population that still prefers cash to digitized payment options, no matter how convenient they sound. Hence, by offering cash for discount, you will eventually attract all those customers who like to pay in cash.

The merchants who offer discount for cash services may still accept card payments without losing the fee on credit card processing. Not clear? Let’s decipher. As explained above, a cash program is when the sellers/merchants offer discount to all the customers who use cash instead of cards for shopping from their store. Your customers will, therefore, have to pay only the marked price of the goods purchased as the processing charge is included in the cost of the product itself. This way, merchants get 100% of their payment from customers with no need to pay any card processing fee.

Customers are happy in this kind of arrangement because they also have to pay less for buying the same merchandise that they will buy at a higher cost should they pay using credit cards.

Save More with Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

Other than discount for cash, merchants can ensure they receive 100% payment of each transaction by zero-fee credit card processing. Zero fee or no cost credit card processing refers to online processing solutions wherein the fees associated with credit card processing are automatically passed to your customers. With zero fee credit card processing, you don’t have to pay the processing fee rather your customers pay the money. Passing the fee to customers is known as surcharging credit cards and you can choose this option irrespective of who is your credit card processor? 

In the US, surcharging is allowed in all states except 9 provided that the specified requirements are met.

While you can rid your business of the fee by way of zero fee credit card processing, this burden shall pass on to your customers who will have to pay higher for buying your products/services. Now, before you opt for zero fee credit card processing, it becomes important to assess if your competitors are also following the same? If they aren’t, how would you keep your customers loyal and how would you attract more buyers for your business? After all, why should they pay more for buying something from you? This arrangement works best if you are offering products/services that aren’t available with other providers in the area; you have some really attractive offers to keep your customers engaged.

If you sell something that is not so easily accessible at other stores around, probably your customers will not mind paying slightly higher for the convenience and quality you offer by bringing the products/services at their doorstep.

Whether you are looking for discount for cash services or zero fee credit card processing, you will need the help of expert and trusted processors such as Payment USA.

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