MOTO Credit Card Payment – A Quick Guide

Despite online shopping being a craze among a vast majority of shoppers these days, not all are that much confident about online transactions. There is still a huge population of shoppers who prefer the traditional way of ordering products via catalogs and believe in speaking to a live person before they buy anything. Can you afford to lose these customers just because you do not have the payment mechanism ready for these people? For a smart merchant, each opportunity to sell and earn profits is important. Hence, setting up a MOTO credit card payment account is highly advisable for you, if you don’t want your customers to go elsewhere.

What is MOTO?

MOTO stands for Mail Order Telephone Order payments that enable merchants who operate remotely to safely & securely process debit/credit card payments from customers through telephone, email requests, etc. To accept credit cards with your MOTO account, you need to manually enter card details into your merchant payment gateway through a virtual terminal. You may consult a MOTO merchant account company like PaymentUSA for all your concerns and issues regarding your existing MOTO merchant account or for applying a new account from acquiring banks. Merchants can expect a variety of payment options to carry out transactions in multiple currencies.

Why do I need a MOTO merchant account?

MOTO merchant accounts are safe and many customers still prefer shopping this way as they don’t need to swipe their credit/debit cards and then keep worrying about the safety of the transaction. As already discussed above, each detail has to be entered manually into the MOTO credit card payment gateway via a virtual terminal to do a transaction and place an order. Understanding the need and importance of MOTO merchant accounts, almost all product/service companies now have a MOTO credit card payment account. Among the top reason why you need a MOTO merchant account, a few include:

Wondering what this virtual terminal is all about? Well, it is a web-based app that can be easily accessed from any device with internet connectivity. A virtual terminal helps enhance internal security protocols as a unique ID and password are assigned to every individual at the back-end. This terminal is also connected to a PCI-DSS compliant MOTO payment gateway that transfers all data to the banking networks safely and securely.

As a highly trusted MOTO merchant account company, Payment USA has already helped several new and existing low to high-risk merchants get proven, reliable, and safe payment solutions. The ultimate goal of Payment USA is to facilitate quick approvals, best terms, and lowest rates when applying for merchant accounts. The company strives to help merchants diversify transactions via multiple banks for risk mitigation, provide flexible payment processing capacity to accommodate increased sales, protect sensitive card information, potential frauds, and data breaches with a highly reliable and robust Level 1 PCI-DSS MOTO Payment Gateway, and innovative chargeback management and fraud prevention tools. Through excellent customer support, Payment USA ensures to deliver complete satisfaction.

It is highly recommended that you add alternative payment methods, such as the MOTO payment account, to boost your sales and profits safely and securely. For any queries or concerns you have in this regard, please feel free to reach out to the experts at Payment USA.

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