Now You Can Better Manage Your Store
with POS Systems & Merchant Accounts

As a merchant, you would never want to miss out on the opportunities of generating more sales and profits by selling your merchandise to your potential customers. A merchant account is the first thing you will need to start accepting payments from your customers who prefer to pay via credit and/or debit cards.

Countless merchants, today, use POS systems exclusively (along with their merchant accounts) to accept credit/debit cards, check, and cash payments. Modern POS solutions, however, are quite capable and you can use them for a lot more than just “payment processing”. Your POS system can help you run all your operations provided that you set it up properly. For that, you will need the help of experts like Payment USA – a highly sought-after POS and other merchant services provider nationwide

Why do merchants need POS systems?

Let’s discuss how businesses can use POS systems for boosting sales, automating time-consuming tasks, and cutting costs.

Fulfill orders

One of the biggest benefits of having POS systems in place is that you get instant alerts when your stock is running short, so you can replenish it with more supplies. As a result, you save a lot of time and hassle otherwise required for keeping a manual record of inventory.

Scheduling your employees

Do you find it a challenging task to maintain multiple calendars in an attempt to schedule shifts for your employees? Your POS system can take care of this aspect as well. You can now automate employee scheduling with POS systems for efficiently scheduling employees’ shifts – daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also set parameters and rules, as you prefer.

Launch loyalty programs

Using your POS software solution, you can introduce loyalty programs and create reward cards (both digital and physical) for keeping customers loyal to your business. You may also create gift cards for your customers to share with their family and friends. By integrating your loyalty programs with email, postal mail, and SMS, you can send promotions and discounts through different channels of communication. The POS systems allow merchants to create automatic reminders, sales funnels, delivery schedules, etc.

Analysis & report

Not sure what are your bestselling items and when do you sell the most? Do you have enough inventory to meet your customers’ needs? POS systems can help merchants like you get answers to these and many such questions. The inbuilt analytics and reporting features of POS software save you from the guesswork and help you get a quick view of your business’ performance, the opportunities & threats that exist, and more! Knowing these details help in better and informed decision-making as well.

Integrate POS system with other business tools

From CRM to sales software and accounting solutions, now you don’t need to manually update sales books every time an item is sold. Automate your record-keeping with POS systems and focus on your core business. With many popular apps, merchants can now expand their POS systems’ functionality with additional features for various purposes including:

Minimize cash-handling

Installing POS machines helps merchants minimize cash-handling and boost business revenues via enhanced spending options. By setting up a POS system at the merchant outlet, businesses can ensure a hassle-free shopping experience for customers as they don’t have to carry cash to shop from your store.

Minimize errors

Installing a POS system at a merchant store can help eliminate errors resulting from human interferences – meaning most manual steps are automated by POS. 

Contact a trusted merchant service provider like Payment USA to have your POS system installed and merchant account created.

Payment USA is a highly trusted and sought-after merchant service provider in the USA among merchants looking to set up their merchant accounts and POS systems and ensure:

Now You Can Better Manage Your Store
with POS Systems & Merchant Accounts

Contact Payment USA now and enjoy all the benefits of a merchant account and POS system!

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