Top 5 Benefits
of Having a Merchant Account in the USA

Check and cash is fast losing popularity among customers as credit/debit card payments and online payments continue to become common these days. As a merchant, you should keep your business ready to accept payments from customers through all modes – from cash and check to credit/debit card payments, e-wallets, and online payments. Merchant accounts enable businesses to accept payments in many ways and open up their business to more opportunities by adding value and credibility to it.

Merchants can ensure increased security for each transaction, accept payments in multiple currencies, and manage their money better with the help of merchant accounts. To get your merchant account, you will need the help of a reliable merchant service provider, such as Payment USA – the leading payment processor and merchant service provider in the USA.

Payment USA offers an integrated, simple solution for multiple methods of payment and currencies. You can expect competitive pricing and risk management, so you are safe from fraud. Let’s quickly go over some of the best merchant account benefits for your business!

The top 5 benefits merchants get from their merchant accounts in the USA include

#1 Accept payments through credit/debit cards and in multiple currencies

Amongst the most compelling reasons why we strongly recommend merchant accounts for all merchants nationwide is the ability to accept payments through credit/debit cards and accept payments in multiple currencies. Modern customers prefer using credit/debit cards and only payment methods to cash and checks and, by allowing them to pay as they like, you will add to their shopping experience. The ability to accept multiple currencies will open up your business to customers across geographical boundaries as you let them pay in their local currency without having to worry about currency conversion headaches. As you allow them to pay using credit/debit cards and in their own currencies, you end up attracting repeat customers to your business.

#2 Increased sales & profits

This is no hidden fact now that customers tend to spend more when they have the option to use credit cards to shop instead of just cash. This simply means you can boost your sales and profits by encouraging them to shop more from your store by accepting credit cards and online payments. Your merchant account provider will help in this.

#3 Improved cash inflow and better money control

By accepting electronic and online payments through the best merchant accounts, merchants can bid farewell to those annoying bad and bounced checks. Furthermore, merchant accounts enable merchants to accept recurring payments and simplify recurring billing and invoicing as well.

#4 Say goodbye to bad checks

When merchants accept credit cards and other online payments, they are able to streamline their business transactions. There is no need to count cash and funds & payments are organized, thereby allowing merchants to ensure better management & forecasting of cash flow.

#5 Happy customers

A merchant account can be your key to keeping your customers happy just because of the immense flexibility and ease of purchasing anything from your store. From credit card and debit card payments to e-wallet, online payments, and recurring billing, merchant accounts simplify everything for customers as well as merchants.

If these five reasons aren’t enough to enthuse you about merchant accounts, let me tell you these accounts are highly secure and in compliance with the PCI DSS. Hence, your customers’ credit card information is absolutely safe and protected from miscreants.

Final Thoughts

Merchant accounts bring along hordes of benefits for merchants. By accepting credit cards, debit cards, e-wallet, and online payments, these accounts help boost trust among customers while adding to the convenience of buying and selling for the customers and merchants, respectively. Other than the benefits covered above, merchant accounts help businesses stay organized and efficiently manage their cash flow.

Get your merchant account now if you want to reach out to more customers. Connect with the best merchant account service providers at Payment USA to set up your merchant account!

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