Top 5 Reasons
to Accept Credit Card Payments through a Virtual Terminal

Now you use your mobile, tablet, computer, or any other internet-connected for accepting credit card payments from your customers anytime, anywhere. The credit card virtual terminal is an excellent back-office tool using which businesses can accept one-time as well as recurring credit card payments securely. You can start using the virtual terminal immediately after installation for accepting and managing payments virtually.

As a merchant, you stand to gain immensely by having a virtual terminal in place. Businesses of almost all types can use virtual terminals for remotely accepting credit card payments from their customers and vendors. A lot of merchants acknowledge that virtual terminals are the best POS solution for modern businesses because:

Reasons to consider virtual terminal merchant services for your business

Among the most compelling reasons for merchants to opt for virtual terminal merchant services, the top 5 include:

#1 Easy pathway to card processing

To start using a virtual terminal, you do not need a separate hardware or machine. All you need to do is connect your mobile, computer, or other device to the internet and use it as your credit card processing machine. The pathway to accepting and processing credit card payments is exceptionally easy and you need minimal setup for it. However, if required, you may purchase a credit card reader that plugs in a USB port.

#2 Multiple employees can access it

By allowing multiple authorized employees to access it, the virtual terminals help your team in faster processing of transactions even during peak hours and from distant locations. The account administrator can add more users and grant them access to the terminal. If required, you may allow your staff to run cards without being able to check the transaction history or transaction details. You can do that as well. Conversely, if you want specific users to view only reports and not run credit cards, you can do this as well.

#3 Recurring transaction processing is simplified

Virtual terminals enable hassle-free processing of transactions on a recurring basis from customers who do repeat business with you. Consider the benefits that recurring payments can offer to your business. You just need to set up an initial payment schedule and manage the changes in payment amount or type. Once done, you can relax and see payments being deposited in your bank account as per the predetermined billing schedule of your customers.

#4 Accept orders by phone or mail

For mail order and ecommerce business, merchants need virtual terminals. Businesses that accept large orders by mail, fax, or phone will benefit immensely by the security and savings virtual terminals offer.

#5 Get valuable data insight

Virtual terminals generate reports that provide valuable daily sales volume insight. You can keep a watch on the trends that facilitate adjustments to your sales & marketing strategy.

You may also use credit card virtual terminals for storing useful information like customer addresses, lists, phone numbers, etc. This will facilitate relationship management and build great customer experience by introducing special offers, loyalty programs, etc.


Setting up a credit card virtual terminal can help you:

Trusted virtual terminal merchant services providers such as Payment USA help merchants set up and maintain their virtual terminals and enjoy EMV-compliant payment acceptance via cards or in cash. Virtual terminals allow multi-user support, for separating admin functions from regular payment acceptance. There is no need to buy additional hardware, maintain or upgrade it.

To learn more about the virtual terminal and how your business can benefit from it, you may connect with Payment USA to help you decide if you should have a virtual terminal for your business.

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