What Is MOTO Credit Card Payment?

An important part of offering reliable payment options to your customers is giving them the chance
to make remote transactions. By remote, we mean accepting orders through the mail or by
telephone. MOTO (mail order/telephone order) payments give your clients a chance to process and
complete transactions by telephone, mail, and email in different ways – the most popular being
credit cards.
To help you understand how MOTO payment works, we will begin breaking the process down and
looking at what a MOTO merchant account does. We’ll then examine what MOTO means for credit
card processing, and how it can benefit your business.

What Is MOTO Payment Processing and How Does it Work?

Because MOTO payment is done remotely, payment processing is done via the web with an internet
card machine or virtual terminal. The virtual terminal is a fast and secure way to take remote
payments as a business owner.
All you need to receive payments via the MOTO mode is an internet connection and the virtual
terminal, which can be used on any smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Here’s how MOTO payments work:

  1. The customer places an order and sends credit card details.
  2. A staff member logs on to the virtual terminal on the internet-enabled device.
  3. The customer’s name, email address, contact address, and credit card details are entered in the appropriate fields.
  4. A transaction request is sent to the customer’s bank for confirmation and authorization to debit. 
  5. If approved, the customer’s account will be debited and the merchant account will be credited. The client also receives an automated receipt via email or text.

The MOTO payment system is helpful for businesses that primarily receive orders remotely. Top examples of this type of business include takeaway food services and online stores. 

With this payment type, you will need a MOTO merchant account to process credit card payments. 

The MOTO Merchant Account

While it is possible to accept MOTO payments directly into your business, personal, or merchant account, you’ll find that having a MOTO merchant account has many benefits. 

MOTO merchant accounts allow you to receive payments in card-not-present (CNP) mode. The differences between this type and the usual merchant account are huge. 

Businesses that use the MOTO payment processing mode are considered high risk. This is because they accept payments where the customer is not present and where there is a high possibility of chargebacks. The MOTO merchant account is designed to reduce the risks. However, the rates are higher than other types of accounts. 

Why Are MOTO Businesses High Risk?

As stated, all businesses that operate with this mode are considered high risk. In addition to the chance of chargebacks, they are also at risk of fraud. 

Since there’s no need for the customer to be present for a transaction, card details are sent online and the processing takes place via a virtual terminal. A transaction can be reported as fraudulent, and you will have to bear the charges of a refund. Then there’s the matter of data breaches – where sensitive customer and merchant information is sold to bad actors online. 

Because MOTO merchant accounts are specialized forms of merchant accounts, you need a trustworthy provider. Allow Payment USA to assist you.

What Does MOTO Mean in Credit Card Processing?

Like other modern types of payments, the MOTO model allows the use of credit cards for payments. The mode differs significantly from processing payments in a physical store. As long as consumers and clients use the internet to settle bills, MOTO credit card processing will never go out of style. 

Flexible payment methods are a big part of high customer satisfaction. With MOTO payments, the details your customer needs to input to complete a transaction are minimal. With your payment gateway, you can verify and complete the payment yourself. The idea of your customer being remote remains. This is ideal for those who don’t want to expose their sensitive data online. For this method to work, you need the virtual terminal (a web-based app that syncs with the credit card terminal and payment gateway). 

With PaymentUSA’s top products, you can implement safe and effective payment methods for your customers, allowing them to enjoy fast and secure payments from wherever they are.

What are High-risk Merchant Account Fees?

There are several benefits for your business of using MOTO credit card processing. Let’s look at a few.

Fast, professional, and secure service

Your clients can continue to enjoy top-rated professional payment services. This ensures they can pay for products and services safely and at lightning speed. The security that comes with MOTO payment options is a plus in the face of growing online fraud and reassures shoppers about using their sensitive information online.

Easy to set up

You don’t need much to set up MOTO credit card processing – with internet access and a laptop, smartphone, or tablet you’re good to go! There’s no long wait before you start receiving MOTO payments. And the more flexible your payment options are, the better your customer satisfaction!

Access to a large market

With MOTO payments and credit card processing, it becomes easier to sell your business to a broader base. This includes the domestic and foreign markets. With MOTO payments, distance isn’t a barrier. PaymentUSA offers clients support for international markets.

Multi-user access

Your virtual terminal can support as many authorized employees as you want. This allows you to accept payments 24/7 and from any location.

Save customer details

When a customer completes a transaction, the system can securely store their details for next time (optional for customers). This encourages repeat custom, which is an excellent way to establish steady cash flow.

Setting up MOTO Payments with PaymentUSA

PaymentUSA is one of the best payment service providers that work with all types of businesses. Whether your business is online, remote, or walk-in, we ensure you have access to world-class MOTO payments and diverse payment types.

All of our MOTO merchant accounts comply with PCI guidelines. We use top-rated security processes and our rates are fair. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and tailoring solutions that best fit their business demands.  

PaymentUSA has helped countless merchants nationwide toward greater profitability through MOTO credit card processing. If you want to begin accepting credit card payments and electronic payments, MOTO credit card processing is what you need. Connect with PaymentUSA representatives today and get ready to begin receiving MOTO payments.

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