What is the Best Credit Card Processing Option
for Small Businesses?

As an ecommerce business owner, startup or established, you might be thinking about accepting payments from your customers – securely and quickly. While there are a lot of payment gateway options you can choose from, you may struggle to choose one. The task may appear daunting to small or unknown businesses or brands, and businesses that deal with international customers and have to accept payments in different currencies. All customer-centric brands/businesses want to ensure that the payment process is fast and reliable for both – the seller and the buyers. This is when you will need the help of the companies that offer e-Commerce credit card processing. Small businesses and startups need to be extra cautious when scanning their options in this regard.

Small businesses and startups that process under $5k per month should steer clear of credit card processing companies that impose monthly and/or annual fees. The processor that charges a flat-rate for each transaction is the best option for small businesses and merchants looking for credit card processors. However, if you process above $5k per month, you will better do with a processing company that charges monthly/annual fees but offers interchange-plus pricing. Make sure you look for the credit card processors that offer transparent pricing, discuss their fees and rates clearly.

Here is a quick guide to the best credit card processing small businesses need!

Almost every business, today, accepts credit and debit card payments but it is not easy to choose the right company for credit card processing. Small businesses find it especially challenging because there are hundreds of processors out there and comparing all available options can be really taxing and time-consuming. Transparent pricing, reasonable rates, no long-term contracts, and fewer processing fees should be your key considerations while shortlisting your potential credit card processors.

You will need to compare your needs with the actual costs you will have to incur for accepting payments since services and costs vary across processors. When looking for credit card processing, small businesses must go for low and transparent pricing and flexible terms. The processor you choose should offer various payment methods, reporting and ecommerce tools, and accept funds from card sales into your bank account quickly. Certainly, the lowest cost cannot be the only factor but then low cost plus transparency make one processor a better choice over another.

Here’s a quick list of some of the best options for credit card processing small businesses can choose from:

Of these, Merchant One, Payment USA, Clover, Square, and Payment Depot offer flat rate pricing whereas Helcim follows interchange pricing structure. Almost all of these charge you on a monthly basis. Payment USA, especially, is the best choice for small businesses looking for flat rate, monthly billing, and same day process.

Why is Payment USA the best credit card
processor for small businesses?

Payment USA offers simple and fair pricing with a flat-rate and transparent pricing model. The processor uses the fixed and interchange+ pricing models. The best part is they don’t charge a markup percentage for the interchange fee charged by credit card issuers. If you choose the interchange plus card processing model, you may have to pay a fee per transaction. Another reason to choose Payment USA for credit card processing of small businesses is the ability to carry out sales analysis and a comprehensive platform powered by several features suitable for small businesses. Payment USA offers different plans for different businesses, based on your annual processing requirements.

To learn more about the credit card payment processing options available for your business, you may connect with the experts at Payment USA.

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