Why Are Virtual Terminals a Better Option for Credit Card Processing?

Accepting digital payment is no longer just a choice but it is a need today, especially in these pandemic times when we all want to ensure contactless and cashless payments. As a merchant, you can benefit immensely if you accept credit cards, debit cards, and payments through other digital modes. A virtual terminal empowers businesses to accept credit cards and contactless payments from customers, vendors, and suppliers. Let’s learn more about virtual terminals and how merchants can benefit from it?

Virtual Terminals – an Introduction

Does your business involve a lot of customer communications via phone? If yes, then most probably you are running yourself into undesirable hassles when you have an excellent option to accept payments through credit card processing solutions from your merchant account service provider!

Accepting payments through phone may be a tedious job for the merchants and a frustrating experience for the customers as well due to the complicated processing methods involved in it. With a virtual terminal, however, you can make payment processing easier and faster than ever. Virtual terminals, quite like the POS (point of sale) terminals, are built right into your integrated payment solutions/platforms and can accept credit cards, debit cards, e-wallet, and other digital payments. Another great benefit of a virtual terminal is the flexibility it offers in accepting payments through the phone, in person, and online. The best part is it doesn’t require a physical card to do so.

From recurring billing, online invoicing to credit card processing, and accepting digital payments, virtual terminals help merchants accept payments easily and instantly. There is no need for your employees to swipe the card physically. All they need is the customers’ card number, CVV code, etc. to process the payment. Merchants can easily eliminate several tedious steps, such as sending online payment links to customers or requiring physical credit card processing machines and card readers, otherwise involved in accepting payments.

Virtual terminals help merchants accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and other digital payments remotely and deliver an excellent customer experience, enjoy great payment flexibility while helping merchants ensure a sale is completed on every successful session/call.

Benefits of Virtual Terminal

Some of the greatest benefits of virtual terminals for merchants include:

How Do Virtual Terminals Work?

The web-based payment apps, virtual terminals help merchants send invoices, securely enter payment information, and schedule payments for the future. These web apps are powered by the latest and dependable financial security mechanisms. The data processing is done via a procedure that is PCI compliant. This further ensures the safety of customers’ sensitive data. Furthermore, only authorized employees in a merchant’s office can have access to these virtual terminals.

Can I Use These Virtual Terminals?

If you are a merchant who operates primarily over the phone, have recurring memberships every month, and/or manage online invoicing, then the credit card processing via virtual terminals is apt for you. Businesses, such as food delivery, restaurants, fitness and health services, etc. can use virtual terminals for safe and quick payment processing.  

Businesses that belong to any of the above categories can benefit from having a virtual terminal set up to accept credit cards and other digital payments. Switching to virtual payments can help you accept quick and secure payments and ensure a great customer experience as well.

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