Why is it Important to Choose the Right Ecommerce Merchant Account?

Ecommerce offers great opportunities for merchants to meet their existing customers’ needs, foray into new markets, and improve individual transactions’ value over traditional, brick and mortar, offline purchases. The tremendous growth e-commerce has witnessed in the recent past has made it a sales platform no business would ever want to ignore. Despite the skyrocketing popularity of e-commerce as a sales channel, a lot of ecommerce merchants still struggle to accept credit card payments and other digital payments. It is mainly because these merchants have to face immense challenges in setting up their merchant accounts and most payment processors categorize them as high-risk merchants.

Despite the huge potential of eCommerce, a lot of businesses are still lagging due to the challenges in accepting credit cards and e-payments. However, accepting credit cards, debit cards, and other digital payments can be easy if you have the right payment processor to set up your merchant account and integrate high risk payment gateway for your business.

Let us understand why is it important for e-commerce merchants to choose the right merchant account for their business.

At first, all e-commerce payment processors may seem to provide the same service i.e. to facilitate credit card payment processing for your e-commerce and retail business. However, that’s not all you need to look for when it comes to merchant accounts and payment processing solutions providers.

If you don’t already know this, a payment gateway is required to communicate between the payee’s bank and your merchant account provider. You may expect some processors include payment gateways also in their all-in-one services. There are several ways in which your e-commerce merchant account provider’s choice may have an impact on your overall online selling experience – right from the ease of shopping cart software integration to hidden costs, security considerations, and more. There’s a great difference in the services you can expect from your merchant account provider. If too many options are overwhelming you, given below are the tips to help you choose the best e-commerce merchant account for your business.

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Opt for an all-in-one merchant service provider to avoid unnecessary complexity: If you have been carrying out in-person transactions most of the time, you might need some time to get accustomed to the online sales processing structure. While you may potentially deal with one merchant account provider for your offline store, e-commerce payment processing involves various processors and steps such as:

All these communications involved in a typical in-person transaction may add additional complexity and costs to online sales. Payment gateways enable this by acting as a mediator for all the players involved. Even if merchant accounts enable payment to be sent to your bank, accepting payments online without a payment gateway in-between is not possible. Most merchants will charge you additionally for payment gateway integration separately but when you choose a single merchant account as well as a payment gateway solutions provider, you can say goodbye to certain charges.


Understand how online shopping and e-commerce billing work: Interchange fees apply to credit card transactions as well as online sales. This fee is the wholesale charge for credit card processing and online payment processing. These fees may vary across card brands and the way they are processed. Online sales tend to be riskier as there is no card present and, for this reason, end up attracting higher interchange rates compared to physical credit card payment processing.


Learn about refund processing and how is it affected by the fee model.


Choose a merchant account provider that integrates high risk payment gateway with your shopping cart seamlessly.


Don’t enter a lengthy contract.


Look for the best security to protect yourself

Summing UP

Selling online brings along countless business opportunities but while receiving payment for online store sales/purchases is complicated in comparison to in-person sales. With a reliable and expert merchant account and the payment processor such as Payment USA, however, you can make the entire process easier, safer, and securer – for your business as well as for your customers. 

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