Becoming Integration Partners with

PaymentUSA encourages collaboration for innovative payment processing integration solutions. So, we make it easy for independent software vendors and value-added resellers to work with us. Our technology has benefitted several of our partners. It has given them the benefits of a secure and safe payment platform. Plus it has provided seamless integration with existing software.

Payment processing integration

We can assist our integration partners with the required tools and resources to create a custom experience for your clients. These include:

Our Payment partner support program is based on revenue sharing. We offer bundled pricing to help you maximize income. We also provide value-added services that include: sales training, lead generation expertise, marketing opportunities along with ongoing support.

Here's how we stay ahead of our Competitors.

We’re willing to walk you through every stage of the integration and assist with hands-on experience. Good luck finding a competitor willing to do the same. PaymentUSA is also particular when it comes to PCI compliance and we ensure our partners adhere to the guidelines.