Merchant Account Services

Businesses today are expanding their payment options from cash and check payments to include other payment options like bank transfers, card payments, virtual payments, and more. 
Businesses are turning to merchant account services that can meet their needs to provide these payment options and other card processing services. Merchant service providers like PaymentUSA have several types of merchant accounts to meet your specific business needs and improve the efficiency of your services.

What are Merchant Services?

Merchant services are the various services and processes that enable your business to accept and process customer payments. There are four crucial areas to remember when discussing merchant services –

What is a Merchant?

A merchant service provider uses the term “merchant” to refer to the customers that use its services. These merchants reach out to the merchant service provider for various services that enable them to accept card payments. 
Integrating a POS or virtual terminal into your retail business is a service you can get from a merchant service provider. Other services such as recurring credit card billing, eCommerce credit card processing, and restaurant credit card processing are also available from PaymentUSA.
Merchant service providers recognize several types of merchants and help them provide custom services for specific businesses. Common types of merchants include –

What is a Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a unique type of bank account that enables the processing of electronic payments. A significant advantage of a merchant account is that it eliminates delays. 
With a traditional bank account, your bank must verify each customer transaction before approving them. This process may take days, so it may be a while before your funds are available. 
On the other hand, the financial institutions offering merchant accounts have a special relationship with banks issuing card services to customers. This makes it possible for your business to receive the funds while the transaction is pending and awaiting approval from the bank. The merchant provider can do so since it has vetted the merchant and accepts the risk associated with doing business with the said merchant.

Taking Care of the Middlemen

Since businesses have unique needs, merchant account providers offer different types of merchant accounts. These options include the following –

Things to Consider When Selecting a Merchant Account Provider

Several merchant providers are available, and it is important to select one that meets your business needs. When deciding on a merchant account provider that will be right for you, you must consider the following:

Benefits of Using PaymentUSA Merchant Account Services

Setting aside funds for a merchant account service is a massive step for many small businesses, but this is an excellent way for your company to gain value. There are several benefits of using a merchant account service, and these include the following:

Opportunity for rapid business expansion

Our merchant services give you access to several payment options, which come in handy when you decide to expand your business operations. If you’re currently running a brick-and-mortar operation that depends on in-person payments, you can easily branch into online services using the payment processing solutions from PaymentUSA.

Excellent data records for efficient financial management

Merchant account services make it possible for your business to eliminate the process of counting cash. Moving to online payment systems allows you to keep accurate financial records that you can refer to at any time. 
A merchant account also helps you maintain accurate accounts of your business transactions. You can generate monthly statements to know the amount coming in from the business, giving you sales data that you can use to improve your services. With this data, you can identify trends and find other insights that will help you better understand your customers.

Opportunity to boost sales

When starting a small business, accepting cash payments may seem like the fastest way to attract customers. However, as the business begins to expand, you notice that most customers prefer to have the option to make credit card payments.
Adopting the services of PaymentUSA gives you a chance to provide additional payment options and access a new customer demographic. These new customers are always searching for businesses that support credit card payments and other online payments. 
Customers are also willing to spend more when they don’t have to make cash payments to your business.

Enhance legitimacy

The way your customers perceive your business is crucial for your growth. Customers trust businesses that can provide essential services like card and online payments. If your business lacks these payment processing facilities, many customers will regard it as an outdated business entity. With the younger generation, convincing them otherwise will be difficult.

Reduced costs from processing checks

Bounced checks are a serious issue for many small businesses. Not only do they cause the business to incur additional costs, but they can also be time-consuming. However, the more significant issue with checks is the possibility of falling victim to fraud. Small businesses are targets for perpetrators of these types of fraud since they usually operate on a certain level of trust with their customers. 
The process of dealing with bounced or fraudulent checks is also stressful. You need to try to get in touch with the customer, reach out to the bank, get in touch with the police, and pay a lawyer. You can prevent all these additional expenses to your business if you shift to online payment systems.

Excellent customer satisfaction

This is an important reason to consider using PaymentUSA merchant account services. With the merchant accounts we offer, your business can provide flexible payment options for your customers. This is made possible by adding recurring payment options, mobile payments, and online payments. Customers want businesses that provide convenience and ease, which is what you can offer with a merchant account service.

Merchant Services Costs

Different merchant service providers adopt different pricing models for their services, which may also include additional fees. Depending on the provider and service you select, you can adopt any of these pricing options:

Merchant service providers may also charge you fees on certain types of transactions. Fees to look at include the following:

Steps to Take to Get Your Merchant Account

Once you decide to get a merchant account service for your business, there are specific steps you should take. The following are essential steps that can guide you through this process:

Assess and verify your needs

Your business needs will determine the merchant service provider that will provide the best services for your operations. When assessing and verifying your needs, you must consider factors like how you want to accept payments and your operating location. If your services are international, you need to look for providers supporting cards from other countries.

Compare merchant service providers

Now that you understand your business needs, you need to find a provider whose services can cater to these needs. At this point, you should have a clear picture of the services that matter to your business, and you can prioritize them when selecting an operator. 
Since pricing models vary for each operator, you should get quotes from each operator that meets your needs. Thankfully, most operators offer free quotes to businesses.

Set up a business website

If you’re opting for online services, then there are specific requirements that your site must meet to be eligible for the services from the merchant account provider. Your refund policy, cancellation policy, delivery policy, business location, goods description, and list of available services are some of the details your website must showcase. Security features are also crucial on the website since customers will provide financial information to your business.

Get verification documents

The documents you require for verification may vary depending on the service provider. However, your social security number, business license, transaction volume, and refund volume are some of the documents you should have ready.

Send an application and prepare for evaluation

You can send an online application to the merchant service provider with all the relevant documents. The provider will assess your application by going through your financial issues, business challenges, and more. 
The underwriting or risk evaluation process comes next. During this process, the service provider will do its best to determine if your business is high-risk or not. High-risk businesses are those with high volumes of chargebacks to customers.

Open your merchant account

If all your business details and documents check out, you’ll get approved for the account. Your merchant account will then be set up using your business details.

Bottom Line

PaymentUSA offers merchants a chance to accept credit cards at 0.35%. This service is available without a contract, and no hidden fees or cancellation fees are attached. Your business also receives a free terminal to promote its operations.
Understanding how merchant account services work plays an important role in finding the right merchant service provider for your business. Learning to ask questions is also crucial, which is why PaymentUSA provides 24/7 customer support via phone and email. 
You’ll find our services efficient and dependable, and benefit from the solid foundations we have in place such as –

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