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In response to global trends, furniture sellers are going online in large numbers. Between 2018 and 2019, projected sales went from $38.5 billion to $42.7 billion for the American retail furniture and home decor markets. 

Although the industry is an important one, financial institutions label furniture businesses “high risk” – meaning it can be a struggle to find payment processors and other financial services. But financial institutions like PaymentUSA are bridging the connection with furniture merchant services. 

This blog post discusses the details that will help you understand the idea behind a furniture merchant account. We will also look at how payment processing works with these services. 

First, let’s understand why banks consider online furniture brands high-risk.

Why are Online Furniture Businesses Considered High-Risk?

There are many reasons banks are declining to invest in this industry. Let’s dig in. 

High percentage of chargebacks​

Many things could go wrong with making an online sale of furniture – problems during shipping and damaged products, for example. 

When many unsatisfied customers in a particular industry file for chargebacks to get their funds back, banks begin to look at that industry as high risk. 

Large sales

Items with large price tags such as an office desk for $5,000 or a corner couch for $1,000 can appear strange on a credit card statement, and some people place a request for a reversal. 

This is another case of a chargeback, commonly known as “friendly fraud.” The customer knowingly makes the payment and accepts the goods but after receiving the credit card bill they change their minds. This type of fraud plays a massive role in how an underwriter carries out a valuation of an online furniture retailer or merchant. 

Card not present transactions

To promote convenience, retailers use “card not present” (CNP) mode when taking online orders. Transactions of this nature are often fraudulent. 

These strategic issues cause lots of red tape between the banks and a furniture merchant account. Thankfully, PaymentUSA offers its expertise to provide furniture merchant services that cover everything you need with only a small subscription.

Why You Need a Furniture Merchant Account

As an online furniture merchant, placing your goods on sale is no longer enough. You need to have convenient, reliable, and secure payment methods that stand the test of time.  

There are more Americans using a credit card for payments than ever before, and you can easily lose out on these customers by not having a credit card processing system for them to use. 

We understand that you’re scared of chargebacks and fraudsters. But at PaymentUSA, our set of strategies includes cutting-edge technologies and solutions to help you deal with this. Whether you’re already selling online or about to launch your site, one thing is sure – we can cover you. 

Benefits of using Furniture Merchant Services

The little details you offer to your customers give you an edge. Whether they’re looking to furnish a room or the entire house, the ability to provide an impressive customer experience makes a repeat client. This is the idea behind furniture merchant services. With this system, you satisfy your clientele and create referrals. Here are some of the significant benefits of a furniture merchant account. 


No one wants to spend longer than necessary waiting in line. As a furniture retailer, you may have a payment processing system that can keep clients waiting longer. 

With PaymentUSA’s furniture merchant services, your customers can settle their payments quickly. Whether with a POS terminal or credit card, nothing slows the system down. 


While your customers are looking to complete payments faster, they also worry about the security of their data. It’s your responsibility to assure them that your payment options are safe. This means showing trusted payment processing systems with up-to-date, protected hardware and software procedures.  

With the right furniture credit card processing system, you no longer have to type in numbers manually. Swiping, tapping, or dipping is safer.


When it comes to payments, your customers may prefer one option over another. In today’s payment world, you can’t limit payments to “credit or debit?” For example, many people no longer feel comfortable dipping their cards – tapping seems more safe. 

Furthermore, contactless payments are now a top option. With over 50% of the purchasing population moving to e-wallets and contactless cards since 2020, card-not-present transactions are now the norm. 

By utilizing furniture merchant services, you get the necessary software and hardware equipment to accommodate your client’s payment choices while presenting them with varieties of payment options. 

Modern methods

One of the top ways you can limit chargebacks is with a modern furniture merchant account. This includes services that come with modern effects, like an automated email invoice immediately after a transaction. 

On your backend, the right furniture merchant services offer you simplified reporting techniques so you can limit the administrative work. You can now channel your energy into providing your clients with the best services. 

How Furniture Stores with Diverse Payment Options Process Payments

Stores that accept furniture merchant account services introduce a number of modes, including furniture credit card processing payments. Other options include eCheck processing and a pay note.

Here’s how payment processing works in five steps. 

  1. You set up your furniture merchant account with a top payment processing provider

A provider like PaymentUSA begins setting up your furniture merchant account, which utilizes a unique merchant portal that connects POS to your customer’s issuing bank and your bank. There are several solutions available, and you can discuss with our executives the one that fits your profile. 

  1. Customer Makes Payment

Whether online or in-person, your client pays for the goods by either presenting a card, e-check, or by using one of the wallets that you offer. In the case of cash payments, no processing is necessary. 

  1. Financial details are sent via an encrypted payment gateway for confirmation

The payment information, including the amount, is sent through your dedicated merchant portal and passes an encrypted payment gateway to the credit card issuer and the customer’s bank for payment. While this sounds complicated, it only takes seconds to get a reply. The encryption starts when your customer swipes the card to protect against fraud. 

  1. The transaction is approved or declined

Once the payment gets to the bank, it is approved or declined. If the issuer suspects foul play or is reluctant to authorize the purchase, it will decline the transaction. The transaction is successful most times when the funds are available. 

  1. Funds are sent to your merchant account

Once the transaction is authorized and successful, the funds will be released and sent to your merchant account via the gateway. Such transactions may take up to 48 working hours before  completion.  

Choosing the Right Payment Provider

Because a furniture merchant account is classified as high-risk, many financial institutions refuse to touch this industry. And of those that do, not all are trustworthy. It’s your responsibility to find a provider that can cover your needs as well as your client’s expectations. Here are a few features to look for:

Fast support, round the clock

The technical support needs to be on the ground to provide you with assistance. Whether on a weekend or a regular day, having a reliable payment provider available when you ask for assistance is essential. The ideal customer support should be 24/7. 

Compliance with regulations

Selecting a provider that helps you meet the requirements of PCI security standards is essential. This is important, as it saves you from unnecessary headaches and the possibility of future liability. 

Finding the right furniture merchant services provider depends on you, and you can easily select the right option to protect yourself and your investment. With years of experience in offering strategic solutions, we at PaymentUSA have experience working with high-risk payment processing businesses. You only need to speak with our representatives to find the plan that works for your business. 

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