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We go to the salon to feel good. This includes experiencing services that are reliable, stress-free, and trustworthy. As a salon owner, you need to make sure that not only do your customers get the haircut they want, but that the other services they use are up to scratch. That includes the settlement and payment procedure. 

Salon merchant services help you meet your needs as a business and your customers’ needs.The customer gets to use a payment system that is convenient, fast, modern, and safe, and your business has a professional, affordable, reliable platform for payment processing

With PaymentUSA’s offer, you can meet your clients’ needs and still build your brand as a professional outfit. This article aims to provide relevant information on everything you need to know about salon payment processing. 

How do Salons Process Payments?

In this age of online bookings and cloud-based payment services, offering diverse modes of payment is now essential to the growth of an American business.  

The modes of payment differ, depending on what you need. Some options include:

  • Credit card payment
  • Point of sale (POS) systems
  • Contactless payments

Credit card processing for salons

It is in no doubt that accepting credit card payments can boost your business. 

But how do salons use credit cards to process payments?

While credit cards seem simple and straightforward on the customer’s end, the payment process is complex  on the back end. This is what getting set up might look like:

  1. The salon owner determines which type of card reader or processor they want to use. That could mean countertop card reader machines, mobile card readers, card reader software on your phone, computer software (online payment gateway), or a POS system. 
  2. The next step is determining which payment gateway integrates well with the salon’s management software or framework. The idea is to ensure less manual input and provide automated services for easy reporting. 

If you decide to do credit card payment processing online, having a portal with the best payment gateway is important. This means that there is a checkout platform where clients can make bookings, settle payments, and confirm their appointments. Offline, there are different options, mainly the card reader and POS system.  

The client inserts the credit card into the reader, and payment details pass through a payment gateway to the payment processor and the business’s bank. The gateway also transmits the data to the card network and the customer’s bank for approval. If the customer has sufficient credit to cover the amount, the issuing bank (customer) returns an approval code to the card reader. Depending on the business, the reader machine prints a receipt or sends an e-invoice to the customer’s email. 

Benefits of accepting credit card processing for salons

Salons and spas that accept payments via credit gain big advantages. Here are some of the advantages of using salon credit card processing services.

  1. Improves customer convenience. Customers want a simple service to pay bills during appointments.  
  2. Entices new clients who prefer card payments. Customers who prefer to settle salon payments via credit cards will choose your store. 
  3. Speeds up payments. You can quickly clear payments with credit payments. No more stressing your stylist to count cash at the counter. 
  4. Reduces risks. Another important feature is protecting your client and staff from unnecessary risks, such as robbery. 
  5. Increases earnings. Customers spend more when they use cards to pay.  

POS (point of sale) systems

Salon and beauty enthusiasts’ growing dependence on technology makes salon POS systems another practical option for managing payments and finances. POS systems carry features that extend beyond accepting payments and can aid many aspects of your business, including:

  • Management of appointments. No one wants to wait for too long for their appointment. With a salon POS system, managing books and appointments becomes easier. You can quickly provide insight on appointment lengths and advertise other critical areas like the beauty and spa parlors. Salon-specific POS systems can help to automate appointments and send them instantly.


  • Customer relationship management. Another important instance of the POS system for salons is the integration with a customer relationship management framework. It becomes easier to offer VIP treatments to everyone because there is a way to organize clients’ data. This will provide insight for marketing campaigns too.


  • Sale of services and merchandise. Aside from caring for your hair, a salon often offers other services likemanicures and pedicures, beauty accessories and products, hair styling, and even home services. Managing sales and keeping track of other merchandise is possible with the right POS system.


  • Loyalty program. POS systems for salons often come with loyalty rewards and programs to appreciate regular customers for being a part of the business. This includes discounts for various services with a loyalty card. Loyalty programs are not just for the customer – the business benefits too. Research shows customers with a loyalty card account for over 15% of the increased revenue beauty stores boast of.


  • Offer multiple IDs for freelance stylists. To make your salon look more professional, the right POS system offers you the chance to provide space for these stylists and service providers to generate additional revenue by giving them a space to work. It’s possible to give each stylist a separate merchant account, which makes bookmaking and records easy.


Bookings online have become easy. With the integrated services PaymentUSA offers, it is possible to create a route by which customers can pay for services, order products and merchandise online. This helps build a unique brand experience for the clients, who can switch between different modes when completing transactions. 

What is the best salon POS available?

Among the salon merchant services, the POS system is a vital structure. Thanks to the benefits listed above, both customers and businesses can benefit from this modern payment option. However, knowing which of the systems is best for your business is a challenge. 

To check which POS system suits you, look at the following features:

  • Pricing
  • Security
  • Free trial?
  • Offline mode
  • Operating countries

Finding a payment processor that offers affordable pricing is important. You don’t want to spend a huge chunk of your funds on high clearing fees and charges that cut into your profit. Fees involved with POS systems include transaction charges, monthly fees, and software/hardware rates. The fees vary depending on the processor, although some are constant.  

The best POS systems feature a free trial of its services. This helps you determine if the salon merchant services are what you need for your store. The payment processor will give you a few days to test the system, and if you’re happy with it, you sign a contract. 

Security is of the utmost importance. Only POS systems that have the necessary certifications and have a strong encryption protocol rank among the top offers. 

PaymentUSA’s unique POS system checks many boxes regarding quality service delivery, affordability, and security, ensuring that our clients enjoy top-notch services with convenience. 

Contactless payments

Contactless payments are now a top contender for the most popular options in salon merchant services. Customers who are skeptical of swiping or dipping their cards can pay with the convenience of no physical interaction. Popular wallets include Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. 

Most payment processors also offer hardware tools for this payment type. All your customer needs to do is bring the phone in close proximity and let the machine do the rest. 

How Salon Merchant Services Boost your Business

Generally, merchant services for salons offer tremendous incentives for business owners. This becomes possible when you have the right merchant service provider. As well as convenience, here are a few other key advantages.

Accept numerous payment methods

While you offer convenience to your clients, it’s easy to accept numerous payment methods while keeping the door to new options. With contactless payments, salon credit card processing services, and the POS system, there is still space to introduce new and convenient ways for your customers to pay their bills. 

The different payment terminals allow customers to swipe or dip their cards in-store. They can also use the payment gateway to clear payments online. 

Affordable services

You can stay ahead of the competition by providing affordable services if you find a merchant services provider like PaymentUSA that caters to small businesses and charges small fees. This way, you cut down on costs while still enjoying all the benefits of a salon merchant account. 

Comply with the necessary regulations

Credit card processing for salons means you must adhere to the PCI-DSS security standards. You don’t need to raise a finger with a reputable merchant service provider like PaymentUSA. 

All our payment terminals, gateways, and salon merchant services comply with all PCI requirements. Besides, we assist all our merchants in achieving the PCI-DSS compliance directive with technical support available 24/7.  

Introduce new trends to the salon experience

As a fashion and beauty industry stakeholder, you’ll know that styles and trends change regularly. You can become a trendsetter and reinvent how your customers book appointments and make payments. 

For instance, instead of customers forming a queue to pay, mobile card readers give the convenience of paying right in their seats. And introducing new features like “email my receipt” allows you to further simplify the transaction completion process for your customers. 

With the right merchant services for your salon, you can simply automate follow-ups for your customers, helping them to meet their needs at their convenience. 

Improved customer support

Another crucial aspect of salon merchant services is its active customer support. You can get assistance 24/7 for all your customer and technical needs, helping you meet your goals. Advisors and consultants are always ready to help you scale your business to new heights at PaymentUSA.

Hair and Beauty Spa Salon Merchant Services

Offering novel solutions to your customers enables them to enjoy a convenient, safe, and reliable payment process. This is only possible when you choose a payment processor with a track record of excellence in helping small businesses. 

PaymentUSA understands your needs and provides merchant services with strategic solutions. All this for affordable fees that help you make profits. 

Why Choose PaymentUSA?

Our strategic solutions come from our years of experience helping small businesses scale up. We ensure flexibility with the large range of payment choices you get. With us, you save time, attract more customers, and boost your revenue. 

You can always rely on us to deliver exceptional services with specialized software and the best security. Ensure you provide the best services for your customers – sign up and speak to our representatives about moving your business to the next level. 

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