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PaymentUSA provides a frictionless experience. An experience backed by advanced security and a committed team of customer support. From improving your visibility amongst merchants to land more business opportunities to automating every step of a merchant lifecycle … we have it all in one place.

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We do this by providing customizable and innovative solutions for online merchants globally. Our unrivaled resources guarantee that you have the best in payment solutions at your fingertips. They are sure to advance the way you conduct daily transactions.

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Who is a PaymentUSA partner?

Any company that offers PaymentUSA to its merchant portfolio is a partner. We have integrated with several organizations to offer payment processing solutions.

How can I become a PaymentUSA Partner?

You can fill and submit the Partner form available on our website. Our representative will get in touch with you once we receive it.

Does PaymentUSA provide integration support?

Once you are an affiliate partner, our team will be available to support any integration. You'll also have complete access to integration documents.

Where can I get the information about this Partner program?

You can reach out to our executives or mail us at

How do I track my revenue share?

You can access our online partner portal to track all your merchant activities ... including revenue share from anywhere.

Is my earning amount capped as a partner?

No and sky is the limit when we speak of earning potential.

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