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As a retailer, one of the unique services customers must associate with you is flexibility for payments. This includes giving the customer the power to determine how they want to pay for your services or goods. Diverse research has shown that electronic payments are now the top choice for many customers – up to 70% of the shopping population. Tapping into this trend should be a priority while maintaining a high level of security. 

Globally, the market is moving quickly. It is currently worth over $90 billion, with projections to reach $250 billion by 2028. 

This is why one of the products we offer at PaymentUSA is retail merchant services. This service ensures you give your clients total freedom with minimal risk to their financial information. Everything you need to know about retail payment solutions will be shared here so you can make an informed decision when setting up your banking services for your business. 

We’ll explore how PaymentUSA’s retail credit card processing technology can place your company among the top contenders in online retail payment solutions, but first, let’s start with the basics.

What is a Retail Payment System?

Simply put, a retail payment system is a complex network where customers pay for goods and services. This constantly evolving method ranges from monthly salary deductions to taxes paid by businesses. 

Most retailers take payments via cash, credit or debit card transfers, or direct debit. For some entrepreneurs, a physical trail is still involved, like paper-based credit transfers and cheques. Online banking is the new trend, where everything takes place online. With PaymentUSA, we handle all transactions, ensuring you and your client get convenience, security and the records you need for filing your taxes.

About Retail Merchant Services

Running a business is challenging, and a common headache is establishing seamless payment. Offering banking methods like debit and credit cards is essential, which is why the merchant services system is necessary. 

Merchant services for retail comprise several tools that allow retailers a secure, convenient, and reliable option to process all e-payments. Some top options for merchants are gift cards, mobile payment (such as Apple Pay), and debit and credit cards. According to a recent report published in 2020, only 19% of general payments were made via contact or cash. This is a sharp decline from the 26% recorded for 2019. The good news is that companies that adapt to online retail payment solutions report an increase in revenue of over 17%.

Simply put, an account retail merchant type is designed for business owners to receive funds. The merchant receives the funds for the customer and can get automatic invoices or receipts to issue customers. 

Merchant services need access to an account to be able to process payments. So, what is a retail merchant account?

Retail Merchant Account

A retail merchant account is where you can access all customer payments. Without one, payments, particularly by credit card, take much longer. That’s because the amount of time between the time of purchase when the deducted amount reflects on the credit card bill is larger.

Retail Merchant Services Types

For a retailer like you, there are different services you can pick from to offer payment methods to your customers. Each comes with a different mode of operation and various benefits. Let’s look at the different options to choose from.

One crucial feature of the following methods is that your retail merchant services provider gets the transaction details and receives approval before proceeding to collect the payment. They then notify you that the payment is successful.

Point of Sale (POS) System

This option is a hybrid choice that combines frontend, backend, and in-store pieces. It’s a standard way to collect payment information and record sales automatically. The benefits of using a POS terminal are huge since, as sellers, it provides multiple options to pick from. 

You can easily offer to buy and pay in person or pay online. Another fantastic feature is that you can use the data collected to make sales projections and check your inventory to adjust supplies. It’s also a great way of tracking individual staff performance.

- How POS Systems Work

Using retail merchant services means having an intermediary between the bank, your business, and the customer. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how PaymentUSA serves as this middleman in a way that offers you and your customers a secure financial transaction.

The Customer at the Point of Purchase or Payment

When a customer is ready to make a payment, they must choose a payment method. They can either use your POS machine, tap or swipe a card, or enter their payment details online.

We Send the Information to Your Bank

Once we receive the information securely, we open a gateway or line of communication with the bank to verify the customer’s details. The financial institution then sends the information on the card to your retail merchant services provider and the card company, which could be either American Express, Mastercard, or Visa.

Approval or Rejection from Customer's Bank

Next on the list is the payment gateway option. This technological innovation is a fantastic option that allows payments to be made online. It’s an online retail payment solution, as your customer doesn’t have to be in the store to make payments. 

The payment gateway provides all the features you could need if you operate an online delivery business. This is another suitable way for retail companies like e-commerce stores to process credit card payments.

Payment Gateway

Next on the list is the payment gateway option. This technological innovation is a fantastic option that allows payments to be made online. It’s an online retail payment solution, as your customer doesn’t have to be in the store to make payments. 

The payment gateway provides all the features you could need if you operate an online delivery business. This is another suitable way for retail companies like e-commerce stores to process credit card payments.

Retail Payment Processing

The heart of all merchant services for retail. This ensures adequate movement of your transactions swiftly from the customer’s bank account to your retail merchant account.

Payment Terminal

The payment terminal is reserved for ‘IRL’ stores, like the POS. The hardware is attached to a card reader. All your customer needs to do is tap, or swipe their card to make a payment. This payment type also provides features for mobile devices with NFC or RFID features. 

Then there’s the virtual terminal option. This web-based feature allows anyone to connect online and pay directly while still in the store. 

Another crucial feature available is dedicated customer rewards. You can use this feature to offer promotions to loyal customers, encouraging them to come back. This can be done using their data profile and a range of activities.

Selecting the Right Retail Merchant Services Provider

Different retail merchant accounts affect how smooth your payment procedure is. A mistake many entrepreneurs make is not choosing the right payment services company. You already know the different services such a company can offer. It’s time to understand what to look for when selecting your ideal payment partner.

Pricing Plans

All payment providers have different subscription plans, depending on the store. Usually, flat pricing is recommended for smaller stores, while medium-scale enterprises can go higher, considering the volume of sales. 

When looking through the subscription models the retail payment solutions provider offers, it is essential to know the features of each and what you will be billed. Some companies are notorious for having hidden charges, which could ultimately affect your profits in the long run.

That’s not to say the price should be low. Look for providers that provide a complete service. This should allow you to make a comparison between two different companies and weigh the advantages of each. 

As your business continues to grow and make sales, subscribing to higher plans will become easy. You’ll already know your sales volume with the current pricing, and it will get easier to spot whether you should spend more or cut down on costs.

One of the fantastic features of PaymentUSA’s payment solutions for retail is the pocket-friendly subscription. You can chat quickly with one of our professional customer support agents to find out the pricing that fits your business.

Payment Methods Available

One simple truth is that the higher the diversity in payment options, the more purchases customers make. Statistics show that 50% of abandoned purchases and payments may be due to inadequate and inconvenient payment options

An optimal retail payment processing provider offers you a wide range of options. Some popular methods include:

An optimal payment procedure should take into account the type of products the customer is paying for and how they want to make payment. 

Here’s an example: A client wishes to have their purchases delivered and picks the 50-50 payment plan. The right provider can ensure this happens by ensuring that part payment is confirmed before delivery is allowed. 

Credit card payment solutions for retail businesses should ensure that you and the customer are served in the best way available. Of course, other methods aside from card payments are always needed, but you must be able to confirm that the funds are locked in and released when the customer confirms receipt of the goods.

An optimal retail payment processing provider offers you a wide range of options. Some popular methods include:

Manage your funds better

When you are in complete control of your incoming and outgoing funds, recurring bills, invoices, etc., you can manage your funds better. Needless to say, efficient money management is the key to better decision-making and a profitable business in the long run. With your online retail merchant account, you can manage all your money right online!

Rid your business of bad/bouncing checks

Your retail high risk merchant account saves you from the bouncing and bad checks. You get your money on time through the most reliable channels

Manage your funds better

By allowing your customers to shop from your store anytime, anywhere using their credit cards online, you will ensure each transaction is safe and quick. The convenience, safety, and quickness of making payments adds to customer satisfaction and lead to happy customers.

Customer Support

Another critical factor that should be a top priority is providing active customer support. Your business can be paused temporarily if a payment does not go through and this could quickly cause issues. That’s why having access to 24/7 customer support is essential. 

Essential questions you should ask when looking for a customer service provider include what is the security encryption of the provider? Is customer support run 24/7, and what is the average response time? 

PaymentUSA’s customer support is one of the most highly rated platforms, offering customers diverse ways to reach experienced customer support agents. There’s the live chat, phone number (1 (833) 493-7633), and email,

Select the Right Retail Merchant Services Provider for you

Account merchant retail services at PaymentUSA is one of the most important business features you can think of. Our services speak for us and include the following:

Every transaction is treated with the utmost urgency, ensuring faster checkout and minimal disruption. Our data verification system allows merchants to maintain an orderly sequence of business no matter the number of transactions carried out. It only takes a moment to speak with one of our active customer support agents and find the plan suitable for your needs.

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