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How Does Credit Card Processing Work?

Credit card processing begins when customers pay for goods or services using their card details. The acquiring bank or its processor securely captures all information and routes it to an appropriate card network to the issuing bank for approval.

Are Payment Gateways Secure?

Payment gateways we offer at PaymentUSA are highly secure. That's why eCommerce businesses and other merchants trust our services globally.

What is Tokenization?

It is the process of converting valuable data into algorithmically generated unique characters for protecting payment credentials.

How Can I Create an Online Merchant Account?

You can always reach out to our qualified team of experts to set up an online account for eCommerce activities.

What are the Benefits of a POS System?

A POS System offers increased efficiency through expanded transactional capabilities. It's user friendly. Plus, it allows you to accurately manage inventory with real-time reporting that can be customized to your business needs.

What is PCI Compliance?

PCI Compliance refers to information security standards for the payment processing industry. It's in place to protect any data breach for both merchants and cardholders.

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