Sell your Products via Virtual Terminal,
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Now you can sell your products anywhere via a virtual credit card terminal. All you need is an internet connection and a card reader machine.

Don’t Miss a Sale! Accept Credit Card Payments Anytime, Anywhere.

Your customers may want to buy from your online store anytime they want! Get your card reader installed by the experts at Payment USA and enjoy the immense convenience & flexibility of payment processing and refunds no matter where you are!

Why Do Merchants Need a Virtual Terminal?

Businesses accept payments in different ways – some accept it via in-store card terminals and POS systems while others have in-app and online solutions in place. However, it seems none of these is optimal for one reason or another. This is when virtual terminals come into the picture. Virtual terminals let merchants accept credit/debit card payments online with an internet-connected computer.

How Does a Virtual Credit Card Terminal Work?

Using a virtual terminal is easy and the steps include:


Virtual Terminal Explained

Not sure what is a virtual terminal? Let us explain. A virtual credit card terminal is a web-based application designed to help merchants accept credit card & debit card payments with no need for traditional credit card machines, POS systems, or card terminals. It allows merchants to manually insert all the required credit card information and desired sales volume before submitting the transaction to the payment processor (payment gateway) for authorization.

What Devices Do You Need to Run a Virtual Terminal?

A computer, internet connection, web browser, and an online merchant account is all you need to run a virtual terminal. You don’t need to purchase additional software or any other device. Signup with a Payment USA merchant account to get access to your very own virtual terminal and receive a free credit card machine to accept credit card payments online and in-store.


How Does a Virtual Credit Card Terminal Work?

Using a virtual terminal is easy and the steps include:

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As a leading merchant account provider , Payment USA can help you enjoy the following benefits of a virtual terminal:

Are Virtual Card Terminals Safe?

PCI-compliant virtual terminals and merchant solutions from Payment USA are fully safe and secure which means merchants can protect customer data while offering the convenience of shopping online. To explore more about POS systems and virtual terminals for your business, please get in touch with one of our experts.

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